I recently took a very quick trip out to Seoul for a wedding. While the time in the Digital Media City area was very brief, I was still able to capture a few fanciful coffee spots to get the ball rolling on our capital city coverage of all the coffee in Korea.

114. Zoo Coffee was located in the K-Wiz building, where the wedding hall also was located. As it’s a chain (we’ve seen a location somewhere in Busan, although I cannot remember where), the coffee was fine but nothing special. Their stuffed wild animals schtick was kind of cute, though. Kind of reminded me of Rainforest Cafe in the States.


115. Yellow Bakery & Coffee. What this place lacks in a creative name, it makes up for with a boring sign.


116. Men’z Coffee, I imagine this is owned by those who had tree houses when they were young that advised, “no girlz allowed.”


117. Beans & Berries, located in Seoul Station.


118. Paris Croissant Cafe. A sister operation to the infamous Paris Baguette (this is apparently high class!). We killed about an hour here waiting for our train home. Apparently we sat next to a famous actor! My pour over was actually pretty tasty, I have to admit.


119. Coffee 1000. Can you guess why it’s called 1,000? With coffee this cheap, I can’t help but wonder how good this jet fuel is.