Would you like a little T'aegukki with your coffee?
Would you like a little T’aegukki with your coffee?

How much is “All the Coffee in Korea” anyway? That answer, to anyone who has walked this country’s occasionally wide, but often narrow streets, is about as obvious as a large, hairy, broad-shouldered waygookin is in a sea of small, curious hangookin children.

A lot (just in case the comment above didn’t make a lot of sense).

Below you will find the evolving (but, by no means conclusive, exhausting or complete… yet) list of places that sell coffee in South Korea. What businesses does that include, exactly? There’s coffee at GS25 and 7-Eleven. Will they be on the list? Probably not, unless they start employing honest-to-goodness baristas. Which I’m not counting out.

(Please keep in mind that this is not necessarily a review portal. There are some reviews here (“Random Weekly Reviews,” in fact), but it’s mostly as a log of every different coffee shop brand that exists in Korea. So, for example, if I list a Starbucks location in Gimhae (which, I do), I am not saying come to Gimhae because this location is great. I just happened to take a photo of a Starbucks in Gimhae. And since I am only listing coffee shop brands once, that’s the last time I’ll write about it (unless it isn’t).)

Here are some (arbitrary) rules for how a business makes the cut. Don’t see a shop on the list that you think absolutely should be there? Let me know in the comments!

And finally… why the hell am I doing this?

1. Coffee Walk Vol. 2 (Gimhae)
2. Bergamo (Gimhae)
3. Audrey Hepburn Cafe (Gimhae) (Random Weekly Review)
4. Gentle Coffee (Gimhae)
5. Starbucks Coffee (Gimhae)
6. Black Keys (Gimhae)
7. Cafe Do (Gimhae)
8. Cafe Friends (Gimhae)
9. Imperial Coffee (Gimhae)
10. Coffee Tree (Gimhae)
11. Let it be (Gimhae)
12. Angel-in-us (Gimhae)
13. Tom N Toms (Gimhae)
14. Ediya (Gimhae)
15. Dunkin’ Donuts (Gimhae)
16. Caffe Bene (Busan)
17. Caffe Yam (Busan)
18. Cafe Aslan (Busan)
19. Nudge 5 (Busan)
20. Cafe Sweet Coax (Gimhae)
21. Cafe Tirol (Gimhae)
22. The Caffe (Gimhae)
23. Yellow Coffee (Gimhae)
24. L’Revelry (Gimhae) (Random Weekly Review)
25. Caffe Pascucci (Busan)
26. Hands Coffee (Busan)
27. Coffeesmith (Busan)
28. Cafe Nada (Busan)
29. Babeans (Busan)
30. NY Hotdog & Coffee (Gimhae)
31. Waffle & Caffe (Gimhae)
32. Cupcake & Coffee (Busan)
33. Cafe Dou (Busan)
34. Ruban Coffeebible (Busan)
35. Green Bean (Gimhae)
36. Cafe Byul (Gimhae)
37. Nidor Coffee (Gimhae)
38. Coffee # (Gimhae)
39. Na-neun Coffee (Busan)
40. Cafe Corea (Busan)
41. Best Beans (Busan)
42. Cafe Cantata (Busan)
43. BC800 (Gimhae)
44. Caffe D’Ate (Gimhae)
45. Monorail Coffee (Gimhae)
46. Dahlia Dolci (Gimhae)
47. Makimaki Roasters (Gimhae)
48. Grangba (Gimhae)
49. Chung Choon Cafe (Gimhae)
50. Blue Windmill Cafe & Bakery (Gimhae)
51. Irang (Busan)
52. The Venti (Busan)
53. Caffe E Cibo (Busan)
54. Crema (Busan)
55. Cafe Ever (Gimhae) (Random Weekly Review)
56. Cafe Beato (Gimhae)
57. Mins Coffee (Gimhae)
58. Capia (Gimhae)
59. Jajeongo Poong Gyong (Gimhae)
60. Paris Baguette (Gimhae)
61. Tous les Jours (Gimhae)
62. T-World Cafe (Gimhae)
63. Davich Cafe & Caffe (Gimhae)
64. Isaac Toast & Coffee (Gimhae)
65. Dongnae Coffee Shop (Gimhae)
66. Manna Dream (Gimhae)
67. Funny Salon (Gimhae)
68. Happy Coffee (Gimhae)
69. Hollys Coffee (Busan)

70. Caffe One+One (Busan)
71. A Twosome Place (Gimhae)
72. 261 Street (Gimhae)
73. The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (Busan)
74. T&T’s Party Coffee & Cocktail (Busan)
75. Cafe Adam’s (Busan)
76. Mint Bloom Flower Cafe (Gimhae) (Random Weekly Review)
77. Cafe Icebean (Gimhae)
78. Essentia (Gimhae)
79. Pasta Farm (Busan)
80. Eat (Busan)
81. Coffee & Mobile (Busan)
82. Take Out Coffee (Busan)
83. Aco Coffee (Gimhae)
84. Caffe Tiamo (Gimhae)
85. Caffe Primo (Busan)
86. Coffee of Dream (Busan)
87. Lemon Tree Cafe (Yulha) (Random Weekly Review)
88. Fall In Coffee (Gimhae)
89. Yoger Presso (Gimhae)
90. ToPresso (Gimhae)
91. Cafe Droptop (Jangyu)
92. Coffine Gurunaru (Busan)
93. Alice 2046 (Busan)
94. Good & Goods (Gimhae)